Rehabilitation Association and Agriculture Development for Afghanistan (RAADA) was established and registered to Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on Nov/1st, 2002. It entails a board of directors having six members who lay the policy grounds of the organization. RAADA’s mission statement is “Mitigating poverty and contributing to reconstruction and development process in Afghanistan through community based solutions and interventions”.

The organization has started its activities in western Afghanistan (Herat, Farah, Badghis and Ghor Provinces); the main office is located in Herat Province. RAADA is now active in Kohsan, Zindajan, Injeel Pashton Zarghon Karokh Ghorian and Guzarah districts. The operations and activities are in both urban and rural areas with a priority to distant rural areas.

RAADA has worked with Christian Aid (CA), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), FAO, International Rescue Committee (IRC), and USAID (through its sub-contractor ARD), ITERSOS, Civil Voluntary Group (CVG) and Sheladia Associates, Inc. (SAI). RAADA is currently working with US Embassy, Japan International Incorporation Agency (JICA) RAADA has already implemented 47 projects.

RAADA has close relationships with Herat DAIL and other organs and they all know about RAADA and its experiences in silk related projects. It is a member of Agriculture Cluster and co-chair in FSAC in Hirat Province. As the only NGO working on silk in Herat Province, it has 8 years’ experiences on silk production. Every year, its presence in Zindajan accompanies with activities on silk. RAADA had already planned to distribute silkworm eggs for 2000 women for the year 2012 in Zindajan. If RAADA wins this project, it will distribute silkworm eggs for these 2000 women including 500 women in JICA project.