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  • October 16, 2019
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International Trade and Investment Show

September 12-15, 2018

RAADA Participated in India-Afghanistan International Trade and Investment Show. In this Show RAADA exhibited silk products.

At the Side of Passage to Prosperity RAADA has signed MOU with Kashmir Silk Producers Co-Operative LTD (KSPCL).

Kashmir Silk Producers Co-Operative. LTD (KSPCL) will provide Rehabilitation Association and Agriculture Development for Afghanistan (RAADA) the following:

1. Silk processing machine (6 Basin Reeling & 6 Window Re – Reeling) including installation, Transportation and Silk Reeling Training. The Cocoon requirement will be 3.5 Kgs per Basin per day for single shift.  Training for Workers of RAADA how to use and operate the machinery for optimum output.

2. One hundred Indian varieties mulberry cuttings from Kashmir Region (bush type).

3. Indian varieties Bi-Voltine Silk Worm Seed (eggs) 100 boxes of 10gms each from Kashmir.

The delivery and installation of the machinery will be to RAADA’s premises in Zindajan Dist. Herat, Afghanistan.